Cricket South Africa postpone Mzansi Super League

Cricket South Africa have made a formal announcement that the upcoming season of Mzansi Super League has been postponed. Currently, the state of affairs of Cricket South Africa is far from ideal due to ongoing administrative and governance issues. Last season, Mzansi Super League seemed to be a ray of hope for cricket fans despite Cricket South Africa failing to secure a lucrative sponsorship and broadcast deal for the competition.

The tournament certainly provided all the thrills to cricket fans and the culmination happened in Paarl Rocks winning the competition in an emphatic manner. Due to ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, various national and international logistical issues have arrived.

Interim chief executive Kugandrie Govender said that 2020-21 cricket calendar will be grueling one. She also appreciated International Cricket Council to help in formulating schedules as cricket came to a standstill in March due to Covid-19.

The rescheduling done by major cricket boards and other T20I competition had a knock-on effect on South Africa’s cricket schedule. Due to Covid-19 restrictions and ambiguity around international travel at the moment, including control of South African borders. The border control also monitors various country points for the departure of various international players forced Cricket South Africa to suspend the competition this year.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and uncertainty over international travel, state of control of South African borders at the country points of departures for various international players compelled Cricket South Africa to postpone the competition this year. Due to national players currently playing in Indian Premier League, would have resulted in lack of quality produced in the games played in Mzansi Super League.

Cricket South Africa deemed it quite unfeasible to stage the competition in empty stadiums. Another big concern was linked to fans who provide morale support to their respective franchises.

Cricket South Africa have chalked out a contingency plan and will stage a single round domestic competition in the coming summer in order to prepare national players for next year’s T20 World Cup that will be played in India in the month of October and November.

By 2022, Cricket South Africa is estimated to incur losses in equivalent of USD 58.6 million. Without the international and national premier players, Cricket South Africa also feared that revenues from international broadcast and earnings would be decreased in this year’s MSL.

The first two edition of Mzansi Super League have estimated to cost Cricket South Africa equivalent of USD11.7 million.

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